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Reinhard Mabry

Reinhard Mabry


Reinhard Mabry is the president and chief Executive Officer of Alphapointe in Kansas City, Missouri. Alphapointe has operations in nine locations in four states, including a new facility in New York City, which provide employment opportunities for people who are blind through light manufacturing, injection molding, retail and call center services for federal, state and commercial customers. Alphapointe is the only comprehensive rehabilitation and education center for people who are blind or visually impaired in the state of Missouri, serving over 7,000 people annually in its various programs. 

Mr. Mabry began his career in the field of blindness in 1994 when he joined RESPECT, Florida’s state use program. He was appointed as the director by the Governor’s Commission for Purchase from the Blind and other Severely Handicapped. He was also director of Georgia Enterprises, Georgia’s state use program, during a transitional period for that program. He was a vice president for Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind, responsible for marketing, business development, and Base Supply Center stores before joining Alphapointe in 2006.  

Mr. Mabry is president of the Board of Directors of The National Association for the Employment of People Who Are Blind. He is chairperson of the Kansas Advisory Committee for Blind and Visually Impaired and formerly served on the board of directors of VisionServe Alliance. Mr. Mabry received his Bachelor of Science in Political Science and his MBA from Florida State University.