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Careers at NIB Associated Agencies

Every day, NIB associated agencies around the country employ people who are blind in a variety of product and service areas. CareersWithVision is an online employment resource available to people who are blind and seeking employment at NIB associated nonprofit agencies. This search engine is a collaborative effort between NIB and American Foundation for the Blind (AFB).

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Careers at NIB

Employment at National Industries for the Blind is open to people who are sighted or blind. We continually strive to match employees' skills and passions with jobs in progressive work environments.

At NIB, we put the mission first, and that helps to ensure that all of our team members work together toward a common goal. We call this philosophy “Mission Possible.”  At NIB, it's not just a job -- it's a mission! 

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Employment Training

NIB provides a variety of training programs to help people who are blind build successful careers. From basics such as business concepts, writing and communications, and web-based research to intensive development programs designed to prepare participants for professional managerial positions, NIB training programs open up a world of opportunity for people who are blind to pursue careers in fields of their choosing.

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Business Leaders Program

Enhancing Career Success for People Who Are Blind

NIB’s unique Business Leaders Program was launched in 2003 to prepare individuals who are blind for careers in business, by providing educational and employment opportunities through professional development. The Business Leaders Program offers six professional development tracks:


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Wounded Warrior Program

Supporting Our Veterans

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have created more injuries resulting in blindness than any conflict since the Civil War. At National Industries for the Blind, we understand the devastating effects the loss of sight can have on individuals and their families. For military personnel, this change can be especially daunting as they deal not only with the transition to civilian life but also with physical and emotional healing and legitimate concerns about the future. It is for this reason that we created the Wounded Warrior Program.

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Hire Employees Who Are Blind

Support Our Mission

Are you an employer seeking skilled, dedicated and motivated employees? Consider hiring someone who is blind or visually impaired.

Today, assistive technology has leveled the playing field for people who are blind, who have a wide range of career options. However, despite continued gains in employment, working-age Americans who are blind remain one of the nation’s greatest untapped resources. Nearly 70 percent of Americans who are blind are not employed.

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Careers & Training