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Did you know that when you shop at your local commissary and exchange, you have an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of people who are blind? Seven out of ten working-age Americans who are blind are not employed. With your help, we can begin to change this statistic.

People who are blind produce thousands of SKILCRAFT products for federal government and military personnel, and many of these quality items are available for purchase at your local commissary or exchange.

The next time you shop, choose SKILCRAFT products -- every purchase helps build rewarding careers for people who are blind!


Available Products


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Mops, brooms, brushes and dusters

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Sponges, cloths and kitchen gadgets

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Spoons, forks and assorted cutlery


Look for the SKILCRAFT logo on your next visit to your local commissary or exchange

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Meet the People Behind the Products

Picture of Jeana

"Finding work was a challenge. Whenever my eyesight came up, job interviews pretty much ended. Then I learned about NIB. Today I manage a team of 20 people who are blind, providing quality products to the U.S. military and their families. And just like the military, my team always gives 100%."

- Jeana Angelini
Industries for the Blind, Milwaukee

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Military Resale Program Director

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