When Disaster Strikes

September is Disaster Preparedness Month and it appears 2020 will be another bad year for natural disasters, with California already experiencing its second-largest wildfire season and 13 hurricanes forming in the Atlantic Ocean before September. The deadly wildfires and hurricanes highlight the need to be prepared for disasters and provide aid when tragedy strikes. At […]

Warehousing and Distribution

Last week, we posted about the critical kitting services some NIB associated agencies are providing to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). But putting together kits and supplies for the troops is only half of the story — materials need to be delivered to the field. That’s where NIB associated agencies experienced in warehousing and distributing […]

The Choreography of Kitting

NIB and its associated nonprofit agencies are always on the lookout for new opportunities to create jobs for people who are blind. To grow opportunities for steady employment, some agencies are now providing kitting services to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for the U.S. Armed Services. Kits of all shapes and sizes are needed for […]

Lighthouse Central Florida Team Helps Unemployed Secure Benefits

They get up early each weekday, often traveling great distances to assist their fellow Floridians in need. During tough economic times and record high unemployment, they consider themselves fortunate to have jobs. And despite diverse backgrounds, they share a common bond: blindness or visually impairment. Meet members of the Lighthouse Works 4Sight360 call center team […]

NIB’s Advocates for Leadership and Employment class of 2020

NIB recently announced the 2020 class of Advocates for Leadership and Employment. The Advocates program targets high-potential employees who are blind working at NIB associated nonprofit agencies who are interested in learning about the public policy process and communicating with elected officials about our shared mission and outstanding work.   The current Advocates – nearly […]

Keeping America Strong

Our agencies haven’t stopped there – employees are volunteering time, donating supplies, and hosting virtual support groups to help their local communities. Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Utica, New York, organized a community collection of 50,000 cloth masks. Arizona Industries for the Blind partnered with local food banks to package and deliver food […]

NABA Retools Operations, Initiates Mask Production to Fight COVID-19

It was already a leader in the production of safety vests, coveralls, and other protective gear, so when the clarion call was sounded for more resources to fight COVID-19, New York’s Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany (NABA) was pleased to step up to the plate. Founded in 1908, the NIB associated nonprofit agency […]

Beyond Vision Adopts Innovative Safety Measures to Continue Critical Services

In a storied history spanning 117 years, Milwaukee-based Beyond Vision has witnessed two World Wars, the Great Depression of the 1930s, the social changes of the 1960s and 70s, and many other cataclysmic events. The NIB associated nonprofit agency employing people who are blind or visually impaired has weathered it all. Founded in 1903, Beyond […]

Austin Lighthouse Supplies Hand Sanitizers and Soaps in Battle Against COVID-19

Just a few months ago, employees at the Austin Lighthouse for the Blind would never have dreamed that the hand sanitizers and soaps they produce would become key weapons in the fight against one of the most formidable foes our nation has ever faced. But as the nationwide threat from the coronavirus became more apparent, […]