Celebrating a Milestone – Part One

In the mid-1990s – before 9/11 and the armed forces expansion that accompanied the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – military bases were under pressure to cut costs. On-base stores that provided everything from office supplies to cleaning products for thousands of military personnel became prime targets. Once the stores closed, personnel began using newly […]

Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), celebrated in October, is an annual recognition of the work employees with disabilities do and the value they bring to their colleagues and organizations. This fall, amidst one of the most challenging situations our country has faced, NDEAM serves as a reminder to employers across all industries of the […]

NIB Agencies Meet with Policymakers During Grassroots Advocacy Week

Nonprofit agencies associated with National Industries for the Blind (NIB) typically host in-person visits with policymakers at their facilities during the traditional August congressional recess. Given that nothing has been typical or traditional during the COVID-19 pandemic, NIB supported the agencies in creating a virtual Grassroots Advocacy Week to share with local, state, and federal […]

The 2020 NIB/NAEPB Virtual Conference & Expo

The first-ever NIB/NAEPB Virtual Training Conference and Expo, slated for October 13-14, is shaping up to be a “can’t miss” event. This year’s conference will combine the critical information and training attendees have come to expect, with networking opportunities and an exciting virtual expo where they can meet one-on-one with exhibitors to discuss business needs […]

When Disaster Strikes

September is Disaster Preparedness Month and it appears 2020 will be another bad year for natural disasters, with California already experiencing its second-largest wildfire season and 13 hurricanes forming in the Atlantic Ocean before September. The deadly wildfires and hurricanes highlight the need to be prepared for disasters and provide aid when tragedy strikes. At […]

Warehousing and Distribution

Last week, we posted about the critical kitting services some NIB associated agencies are providing to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). But putting together kits and supplies for the troops is only half of the story — materials need to be delivered to the field. That’s where NIB associated agencies experienced in warehousing and distributing […]

The Choreography of Kitting

NIB and its associated nonprofit agencies are always on the lookout for new opportunities to create jobs for people who are blind. To grow opportunities for steady employment, some agencies are now providing kitting services to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for the U.S. Armed Services. Kits of all shapes and sizes are needed for […]

NIB Celebrates 82 Years

For more than 80 years, NIB and its associated nonprofit agencies have embraced creativity and innovation to expand employment opportunities for people who are blind. Back when NIB was formed in 1938, society had a very limited view of what people who are blind could accomplish. Those who were able to find work were often […]

NIB Honors Dr. Gidget Hopf with the 2020 R.B. Irwin Award

National Industries for the Blind (NIB) is honored to present the 2020 R.B. Irwin Award to Dr. A. Gidget Hopf. The Irwin Award, NIB’s highest honor, recognizes Dr. Hopf for her innovative work creating employment opportunities for people who are blind. Dr. Hopf recently retired as CEO of NIB associated nonprofit agency Association for the […]

Innovative Training for Career Success

NIB has always been dedicated to creating innovative career opportunities for people who are blind and developing innovative solutions when we run into stumbling blocks. When we realized we were having trouble recruiting people who are blind into higher-level positions, we had to find the reason and a solution. Our analysis revealed one big outlier: […]