Wounded Warrior Program

Supporting Our Nation’s Veterans

More than one million veterans are legally blind or have low vision. At NIB, we understand the devastating effects the loss of sight can have on individuals and their families. For military personnel, this change can be especially daunting as they deal not only with the transition to civilian life but also with physical and emotional healing and legitimate concerns about the future.

Nearly seven out of 10 working age Americans who are blind are not employed, but we understand the experience and value that our military members and veterans bring to the workforce. NIB’s Wounded Warrior program is designed to reach out to young wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts to inform them about training, job placement, and career opportunities within NIB and our nationwide network of associated nonprofit agencies across the country.

Who Can Apply

While NIB is focused primarily on people who are blind or visually impaired, we encourage other veterans with disabilities, such as amputees, to explore NIB as a potential employer that offers a positive workplace environment, opportunities for advancement, and a purposeful and rewarding mission.

Training and Internship Opportunities

We offer several opportunities for training in business-focused career areas, as well as an internship program for veterans still on active duty.

Download the Wounded Warrior Program brochure.

Contact Us

Interested in learning more about how NIB is helping Wounded Warriors in life and career transitions or want to discuss career opportunities?  Contact Col. Ned Rupp, U.S. Army, Ret., veterans affairs specialist, at 703-310-0537 or nrupp@nib.org.